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(Some) Recruiting Trends with Your Company In Mind

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Every company wants top candidates to fill their open vacancies. Technology often assists with that goal, but great recruiters keep the human element alive.

The Covid-19 pandemic is gradually ushering in a new normal. Here are some of the top trends that you will notice in the recruitment field, and how JMR is using them (or not).

Using Services Instead of Staff

Our business has been busy because it’s easier and more cost effective to use a recruiter versus adding (or adding back) another salary. Besides our services, businesses are using others to complete complex and mundane tasks at a fraction of the cost.

One example is fiverr, where you can get people from around the globe to help with: e-commerce management, data entry or gain a virtual assistant - for pennies on the dollar without paying any benefits. On fiverr, you can review a freelancer’s previous word, reviews and decide how quickly the work should be completed. JMR uses several fiverr freelancers from around the globe to assist our company’s needs.

Remote Work

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the influx in the fully-remote companies was noticeable. This new benefit provides companies greater access to a deeper talent pool without geographical limitations. As expected, employers are making it more convenient and cost-effective to work outside the traditional office environment.

Indicators show that productivity is still there. So when it comes time to add or replace a staffer, JMR goes so far as to guarantee that your new hire will be a culture fit.

Recommender Systems

One thing we must agree on is that the digital universe continues to put some of the world on autopilot. The same holds true in the recruitment industry, where machine learning and A.I. has the ability to replace human intelligence.

Recommender systems provide JMR with a set of individuals that we should speak with, based on their desire to explore opportunities, that provides an action plan to more quickly fill open job seats.

Our recruiters can identify top matches for certain positions based on specific parameters like: location, education, and work experience. Even with advanced systems at your fingertips, JMR is still cautious when gleaning information. It’s the pre-work that was done with the employer that tends to provide the most value in the end. Listening to what the client needs is still the most important step in the partnership process.

Is There a Fading of Organizational Culture?

With the increase in remote work set-up, freelancing, and outsourcing, companies find it challenging to have a culture.

This particular trend is now forcing organizations to prioritize reinforcement of their missions, visions, and core values. Some even go to the extent of dedicating roles that focus on maintaining the organization's culture and teamwork.

It is important to note that a culture blend of baby boomers, Millennials, and Gen-Z makes everything more difficult for companies. These are three different groups that have a unique understanding of the human race, and without spending enough time collaborating, much of what made the company strong can fade.

Diversity and inclusion still prove to have several benefits like higher employee engagement, reduced employee turnover, increased creativity, and varied perspectives.

Social Recruiting

The term means using your – or JMR’s - social networks like websites, blogs, and social media to find new talent for your organization. Including using sponsored ads, companies are now posting vacant job ads through their social media accounts.


Contact JMR today to see how we can become a difference maker and partner, using trends coupled with tried-and-true methods to fill your open seats.

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